HD96 - Extreme Sports Camera

HD96 extreme helmet camera
HD96 Extreme Bullet Camera
HD96 Helmet Camera
Mounts supplied with the HD96
Helmet Cameras
Shown using goggle mount
Top view of HD96 Camera
Changeable Screen Cover
HD96 with Remote Controller
HD96 Extreme Rear Ports
HD96 extreme, pocket sized!
1 x Li-Ion Battery Supplied

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Product Video

Product Video
Product Video

HD96 - Extreme Sports Camera

Product discontinued

NEW 2012 Update: Better lens - better sensor - higher quality video!

Here we have a real turning point in the world of high definition helmet cameras. The HDMax Extreme sports camera has a built-in bright 2 inch LCD screen so you can watch back the footage you have just recorded instantly. It also makes it easier to position your camera and get the shot you are looking for.

But....when the camera is on your head....how can you see the screen to make sure the camera in pointing in the right direction? Simply press the large rubber button towards the front and the camera will fire out a laser beam. Make sure the beam is horizontal and at eye level and you know you're good to go.
The HD96 Extreme has a rotating lens so you can wear it on either side of your head or even flat on top. Rotate the lens and you'll get a nice straight image. You can even invert the video by making an adjustment in the menu.

The HD96 Extreme Sports Camera uses the same high quality video electronics as the GoPro and Contour HD cameras so you get vivid crisp and clear video no matter what you are filming. It has a wide angled lens of 140 degrees which we feel is perfect for motorsports as well as head mounted applications. You'll capture a good wide image without throwing the subject miles in to the distance.
To start recording, you have the choice of a large sliding switch on the side of the camera or a wired remote controller (supplied) can be used...useful if mounted in the back of a car facing forward.
There is a 3.5mm Jack for audio input so it can be connected to an external mic or an intercom system. When you connect an external mic you can choose the levels (left and right) which are assigned to the external audio or the internal audio.

The HD-96 is water resistant, it can be used in the rain and the snow without any issues at all.
Looking to produce footage for UK television? Not a problem with the HD96 you can choose from several resolutions and specify 25, 30, 50 or 60fps. This not only gives the choice of silky smooth video for uploading to Youtube and Facebook but also standard video files that will drop right in to just about any video editing time line.
We have included all the mounts you should ever require from a helmet camera like this. You get a flat surface mount, handlebar mount, goggle mount and a vented helmet mount. The camera is fitted with a 1/4" tripod thread socket on the base and the cradle also has a 1/4" tripod thread.

The battery supplied is a Li-Ion rechargeable cell that gives over 140 minutes record time. You can power the camera externally by USB. A UK mains charger is also supplied in the package.
If you want to play back your video on a bigger screen then simply plug the camera directly to your TV, Monitor or HD projector by using the supplied A/V cables. You also get a HDMI cable for watching your footage in the highest resolution possible 1080p.

The HD96 Extreme sports camera has been designed for sports use. It works just as well on the side of a helmet as it does on the side of a motorbike or clamped to the roll cage of a racing car.
To protect the screen when the camera is in use you get a solid plastic slide on cover. 

All DogCam cameras come with a full 1Yr Warranty.

HD96 extreme camera will use around 4gb for every hour of video. Compatible with the latest 32gb Micro SDHC memory cards.

Check out the video at http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_sports/winter_sports/9363478.stm

  • 1 Goggle Mount
  • 1 Flat Mount with adhesive stickers
  • 1 Handlebar Mount
  • 1 Vented Helmet Mount with elastic strap
  • 1 Lanyard Rope
  • 1 Carry pouch
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 AV-OUT Cable
  • 1 AC charger
  • 1 Li-Ion 1000mA battery
  • 1 User manual (CD-ROM)
  • 1 Wired Remote Controller
  • 1 HDMI Cable

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