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Contour + 2

The Contour+2 is the next evolution in helmet camera video. Contour took their most popular features from the ContourROAM and the original Contour+ and created a camera that is easier to use and brings an entirely new perspective to your filming adventure.

For the first time with the Contour + 2 you can share beautiful, 1080p HD video with speed, distance, and elevation across the networks you use most.  The Contour +2 has an Instant On-Record switch, even higher video quality and is supplied with a 60-meter waterproof case for those underwater adventures. The Contour+2 helmet camera will bring your stories to life like never before.




+         Your data, everywhere – Unique to Contour, a GPS receiver allows you to capture and share a different perspective. The Contour+2 provides beautiful HD video with overlays for speed, elevation, and distance, so what you share to Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo just got a lot more interesting.

+         Record up to 120fps – In addition to shooting in four different HD modes including 1080p, the Contour+2also shoots 120 frames per second in 480p. That means super slow motion video is now at your fingertips.

+         Mobile connectivity right out of the box – Use your mobile device to preview your shot before and while you’re recording, as a remote control, or to tweak your camera settings in the field.

+         Locking Instant On-Record switch – No power button, no problem. Simply slide the Instant On-Record switch into its locking position to ensure you shoot exactly when you’re ready.

+         Improved helmet camera video – We’ve used our roster of top-notch athletes in the world’s most diverse conditions to help us test and fine-tune the sensor in the Contour+2, which features our highest quality action video, ever.

+         Versatility – Take the Contour+2 anywhere. With a huge variety of mounts to choose from, as well as the included waterproof case, the Contour+2 will work virtually anywhere. The 270° rotating lens allows for mounting in any position.

+         Waterproof case included – When you need to submerge your camera, the included waterproof case will bring your aqua adventures to life. The Contour+2 waterproof case is rated to 60 meters.

+         External Microphone Jack – Achieve clear, crisp audio easily with Contour+2’s external microphone jack. Mic gain is easily adjusted in the settings menu from the mobile app or Storyteller.

+         Live Streaming – Bring events to life like never before via Contour+2’s HDMI out port. Live stream events, meetings, and more.

+         Completely Customizable Video – The Contour+2 gives you the ability to fine-tune your camera settings. Adjust white balance, contrast, sharpness, exposure, and metering to customize the perfect shot, whether on the snow in sun, or deep in the woods.

+         Laser Alignment – Get the correct angle any time with the built-in laser level.

+         Low-profile design – Contour cameras have won numerous awards for their stylish, yet functional, low-profile design. The Contour+2 keeps the tradition alive with a streamlined, lightweight, beautiful design.

UK: English version.

Note that UK version of the Contour +2 helmet camera includes 4GB Micro SD Card whereas Euro Cameras do NOT include SD Card.

  • Contour+2 Camera
  • Contour+2 Waterproof Case
  • Mini USB Cable
  • HDMI Output Cable
  • Microphone Adapter Cable
  • Profile Mount
  • Rotating Flat Surface Mount
  • 4GB Micro SD Card
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Camera and Mount Tether

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