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    DogCam Bullet HD WIDE

    DogCam Bullet HD WIDEzoom
    DogCam Bullet HD WIDE Video 1 DogCam Bullet HD WIDE Video 2 DogCam Bullet HD WIDE DogCam Bullet HD WIDE DogCam Bullet HD WIDE DogCam Bullet HD WIDE DogCam Bullet HD WIDE DogCam Bullet HD WIDE DogCam Bullet HD WIDE DogCam Bullet HD WIDE DogCam Bullet HD WIDE
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    Product discontinued

    We have a very limited amount of these Bullet HD WIDE cameras for sale. No SD card is included.

    The Bullet HD is the smallest 720p high definition bullet camera on the market measuring just 80mm in length and 22mm in diameter. This bullet camera is fully self contained; the battery, the recorder, camera and microphone are all in the one small unit.

    The main difference between this WIDE camera and the original Bullet HD Camera is the angle of the lens used. The WIDE camera uses a 135 degree lens as opposed to the original 65 degree angle lens.

    We recommend choosing the WIDE angled version for head/helmet mounted use and the non WIDE camera is excellent for motorsports use when you don't want your mates to seem so far away when you're following them closely.

    The Bullet HD WIDE Head Camera also has a clear lens shroud giving an improved view of the activity LEDs that let you know what the camera is doing. 

    Simply insert any micro sd or micro sdhc card (up to 32gb) in to the back of the camera and start recording at the touch of a button. Pressing the silver button on the top of the camera turns it on and it starts to record HD video and audio within 5 seconds. Press once more to stop recording and to turn the camera off.

    Camera comes off car doing 60mph and keeps on filming!

    Read Our DogBlog article about this video and Camera Suction Mounts

    Once you have recorded your video, simply plug the Bullet HD WIDE camera in to any computer(PC or MAC) to play back the files. You can easily edit them using very basic video editing software packages or upload the files straight up to YouTube or Facebook.

    The Bullet HD WIDE is waterproof down to 10m so you can even take it swimming on holiday with you.

    Just like the original Bullet HD camera you still get all the great mounting accessories included in the box. The rear end still has the same very useful 1/4" thread for use with other camera mounts.

    Overall, we've not seen a single other wide angled HD Bullet camera come close to this little camera. Absolutely perfect for beginners and experienced users looking for hassle free filming.

    Compatible with Micro SD and Micro SDHC Cards.

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