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DogCam Digital Hard Disk Recording System

Product discontinued

Over the last few years we have tested many digital recording systems. The most popular of which is the Archos range. Until now we have been a bit disappointed with the video quality of these devices. The compression of the video reduced the quality way too much for our liking.

Now we have a unit we can proudly call our own.The DogCam Digital hard disk recording system with anti-shock technology.
Records video from a helmet camera at full 720x576 resolution. This is the PAL standard at 25fps.
This unit is the closest you'll get to using a camcorder in terms of video output quality in MP4 format and sports many other useful functions that we think you'll really like.

No other MP4 recorders currently available can record at this quality.

4000 kb/s compared to the Archos' 2500 kb/s.

The PVR500r also supports a wired remote controller so you can start/stop recording without having to get the recorder out of your pocket.

Exclusive to DogCamSport®

  • Hard disk: 30gb Hitatchi 1.8
  • Screen: 3.5
  • Video recorder: Records digital video from any analog source in MPEG4 format. (.AVI)
  • Full 720x576 resolution 25 fps @ 4mbps UK PAL tv spec.
  • TV output: Connect to your tv for full screen output.
  • Windows Compatible: Pull your videos directly in to movie maker or preferred video editing software.
  • Plays Music: MP3, WMA 32kbps-320Kbps holds over 100,000 songs.
  • Li-ion battery: Up to 5 hours video playback and 90 mins record time. Battery is removeable and spare batteries are available. External battery packs are available for longer record times.
  • Touch sensor keys: Incredibly sexy design.
  • Audio Recording: With built-in mic.
  • Music playback: Can be used as an MP3 player. Built-in speaker.
  • Ebook Viewer: Read electronic books.
  • Firmware: Upgradable
  • Video Record Scheduler: Record those late night shows
  • IR Remote control.
  • Photo Wallet: Stores thousands of digital photos. Connect it to your stills camera via USB and it will automatically download your photos on to it's hard disk. USB OTG.
  • Intuitive: Very easy to operate. Manual supplied on disk. Easy connection guide to DogCam bullet cameras also supplied.
  • Dimensions: 129 x 78 x 22mm

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