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  • LawMate Counter Surveillance Equipment

    LawMate Counter Surveillance Equipment

    You never know who's watching you these days, are you ever truly in privacy?
    You don't know when your most intimate or personal moments are being 
    captured on video... until now!

    Our LawMate camera lens detectors and signal/frequency detectors
    help you spot and locate those hidden cameras.

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    DLG10 GPS Data Logger This is the brand new LawMate GPS-DLG10, a compact, cre..... View Product
    LawMate DLG10 GPS Data Logger
    £189.95 Ex Tax: £158.29
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    Mobile Phone Detector Introducing the LawMate MD-40 next-generation Cell Phone/GPS De..... View Product
    Lawmate MD40 Mobile Phone Detector
    £349.96 Ex Tax: £291.63
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    RD10 Hidden Camera Detector by Lawmate The Lawmate RD10 is a perfect counter surveill..... View Product
    LawMate RD10 Hidden Camera Detector
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