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    Mini DVR 2

    Mini DVR 2zoom
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    This is the all new updated version of the already very popular MiniDVR 1 system.

    The MiniDVR 2 is a small hand held solid state digital recorder supplied with it's very own 520tvl bullet camera using the Sony Exview CCD and new NexT chipset as found in the HQ2 bullet camera. This camera is fitted with an 82 degree wide angled lens.

    The camera has one cable which plugs directly in to the MiniDVR 2 and each battery (2 batteries supplied) will give nearly two hours of record time whilst powering the camera as well.

    A variable gain mic in the recorder part will capture good quality audio along with your video.

    Some significant improvements have been made over the MiniDVR1.

    The MiniDVR2 has a higher recording resolution of up to 720 x 576 @ 25/30fps and so has higher video quality. It takes normal sized SDHC memory cards up to 32gb in size which will hold over 25 hours of video.

    This new version has motion detection modes and a 20 second pre-event record function. It has a brighter LCD screen with higher resolution and a built-in speaker making it much nicer to play back your videos. Cables are also supplied so you can plug the unit in to your TV to watch your videos.

    A vibration alert will tell you when the unit is running out of power or memory and will also let you know if the camera is disconnected.

    A new cyclic recording mode has been added for loop recording. It's now easier to use than ever before with a simple record switch on the side. Switch it to the record position and the unit turns on and starts recording in less than 5 seconds.

    In short, the manufacturers listened to everything we told them the MiniDVR1 should do and they've come up with the goods!


    • Display size: 2.5" TFT LCD
    • Luminance: 250cd/m2
    • Contrast: 200:1
    • Format: AVI
    • Resolution: 720 x 576
    • Bit rate: 3.2mb/s
    • USB: 2.0
    • Camera 520tvl Sony Exview (NeXT chipset super low light)

    The bullet camera part of this kit is fully waterproof but the recorder part needs to be protected from getting wet.

    As from 07/01/2010 all MiniDVR2 camera systems are supplied with wired LANC remote controllers. This allows you to start/stop recording with a small button on 1.5m of cable. A red LED on the remote will flash when the unit is recording.

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