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    All New HDMax Extreme In Stock NOW!

    hdmax extreme helmet cameras

    The NEW HDMax extreme helmet cameras are flying out the door and it's not hard to see why......
    Imagine a 1080p high definition helmet camera about the same size as a Contour HD.
    Then add a 2" Colour TFT Screen, a wired remote controller, instant playback, HD output by HDMI with cable supplied, external microphone input and a whole host of mounting options all in the box; The HDMax Extreme is here!

    Video sample from Lotus Elise



    New HDS-720p Camera here NOW!


    We really love this little camera! It's not much bigger than your average bullet camera but squeezed in there are the same electronics used in the GoPro and Contour HD cameras. This one shoots at 720p and is waterproof down to 10m of water. The video and audio quality is really nice and we've not seen anything like this in a cameras so small. One button operation and laser level alignment.

    Don't just take our word for it.....check out the under water video below and also the demo video on this page: HDS-720p


    VIO POV.HD Coming Soon!


    The new POV.HD from VIO takes the video quality crown from the popular GoPro cameras! This ultra high end bullet camera from V.I.O is not only perfect for filming POV for just about any sport but because of its super crisp 1080p processed video it is also the perfect companion for television production companies. If you have a requirement for THE best video quality from a wearable camera system then you should check out the new POV.HD


    06/10/2010 We Have Moved.....

    As from Monday 8th of November 2010 if everything has gone to plan we will be working and answering the phone from our new office in Bodmin, Cornwall. Our new office has plenty of space to welcome new members of staff as we happily expand and move forward.

    Even though our address and phone number are changing the one thing that will NEVER change is the level of support and customer service you will get from us here at DCS Systems Ltd. We'll be dispatching all goods from a distribution depot close by which means we'll be able to provide next day delivery on most items right up to about 5pm.

    Once again, we'd like to whole heartedly thank our fantastic customers old and new as we venture on towards an excellent end to the year and an exciting beginning to 2011.

    Whilst we're here having a quick chat.....please keep an eye on our websites over the next few weeks. We have a new line-up of high definition helmet cameras and wearable camera systems coming on-line ready for the festive season starting at £95 going up to high end £500 systems. Exciting times for all of us!



    02/10/2010 Possible "Crash for Cash" video caught on RoadHawk Camera!

    This amazing video as featured on Sky News and Channel 5 news shows a potential "Crash for Cash" scenario being played out. The two cars in front of the lorry driver alledgedly create a staged accident by braking hard causing the lorry driver to rear end shunt the Mercedes.

    This morning, police went in and arrested what they believe to be the leader of a crash for cash insurance fraud ring. It's thought this group have been involved in over 120 staged accidents in the last year!




    Read more and see the crash for cash caught on video here.



    01/10/2010 All PV1000 UPGRADE!

    As from this date all Lawmate PV1000 digital video recorders will be fitted with 120gb hard disks giving twice the storage capacity as before. This is great news but even better than that is the price remains unchanged!
    You can find the PV1000 digital video recorder here.

    26/10/2010 GoPro helmet front mount in stock.

    gopro front helmet mount

    GoPro release their new helmet front mount. This little critter is designed to hold your GoPro camera to the front of just about any helmet and you can then face the camera back on yourself. Doing this makes a very unique looking shot. If you look below you will see some video we shot over 2 years ago using this camera angle accept we didn't use a GoPro HD for this as they weren't invented back then but you get the idea! Check out this new GoPro Accessory on our GoPro HD Camera page.




    15/10/2010 NEW Mini DVR 3 Bullet Camera System Available.

    mini dvr 3
    Mini DVR 3 is here...

    Everyone's been waiting for the latest update in the Mini DVR series. The New Mini DVR 3 is the 3rd generation update to the h720 unit. It uses the latest Zorro 9 chipset for encoding AVI video files at up to 13mb/s at 720x576 resolution. It still uses the smallest bullet camera on the market now with upgraded IR filters for much better colour reproduction.

    Numbers of the MiniDVR3 will be limited until after Christmas so don't miss out, you won't find them anywhere else!

    Read more about the fantastic new MiniDVR 3 bullet camera system.


    06/10/2010 GoPro HD Wrist housing now in stock!

    GoPro HD Wrist housing

    We are now carrying plenty of stock of the new GoPro HD wrist housing. We know you're been waiting for these so come and get 'em! Wear your GoPro HD Camera on your wrist for a completly unique filming angle.

    We also have invidual flat adhesive mounts and curved adhesive mounts available so you can now buy as many or as few as you need.

    Please see...... GoPro HD cameras and accessories.


    17/09/2010 Sample video from the new Lawmate PV500 Evolution HD Spy Camera.

    This video was shot using the Lawmate PV500 Evo HD digital video recorder and the new high definition digital button camera. It is the only HD button camera kit with touch screen controls in the world. Already being used by the UK's premier test shopping companies, undercover journalists and Sky News!

    Click for more info on the PV500 Evolution HD Sky Camera Kit

    14/09/2010 New Firmware available for the GoPro HD cameras.

    gopro hd camera a

    The latest version of of the GoPro HD cameras gives you some nice new features not least being 25fps and 50fps filming modes making it a much more suitable camera for filming in the UK for TV purposes. It also adds upside down mode functionality allowing you to hang the camera upside down and it will flip the image for you automatically. Download the new GoPro HD Camera firmware here.

    12/08/2010 New Lawmate equipment and website LIVE!

    lawmate uk logo
    pv500 evo with HD button camera

    Lawmate have released their latest range of digital video recorders that can record in high definition along with their NEW high definition button camera and upcoming high definition bullet camera.

    The PV500 Evolution and the HD Button camera can be found here: PV500 EVO with CMD-BU13

    DCS Systems ltd have become the UK's authorised distributor for all new Lawmate products. Why not check out our new website which is in the process of being populated with the enitire Lawmate range. Check out the new Lawmate UK site here.

    28/07/2010 GoPro HD Silicone Covers In Stock.

    We're carrying stock of the silincone covers for the GoPro HD cameras.
    If you want to protect your camera, keep it warm and make it look cool then grab yourself one of these new silicone covers!
    Now available on the GoPro HD page.

    01/07/2010 RoadHawk will be at Truckfest!


    We've been invited to attend Truckfest South West this weekend 3rd and 4th of July at the Royal Bath showground. We're attending in RoadHawk mode with live displays of the RH-1 and RH-2. The Roadhawk RH-1 has been the top selling item on this website for the last two months running. This will be out first outdoor show and we'll be camping in tents so let's hope for some more sunshine this weekend.

    If you're around, come and see us and grab a show special bargain!

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