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Single wireless reversing camera
with 5" screen and switcher box



single wireless reversing camera

A complete single camera wireless reversing kit with 5" screen and switcher box.

Everything you need to install a single camera wireless reversing kit.
Can be powered from the cigarette lighter or directly wired to the 12v system.

IDEAL: For trailers, articulated vehicles and when it's not practical to run a cable to the camera
Camera is powered from local 12v supply such as your reversing lights.

Comes with a switching box that detects when you are in reverse and activates the camera and monitor.


    Suitable for all vehicles with 12v power
    2.4ghz camera transmits over 100ft
    Automatic or manual monitoring
    Wide angle wireless reversing camera with infra red LED lights
    Alloy design and completely waterproof outsite unit
    High quality 5" COLOUR TFT digital monitor with two video channels


wireless reversing camera diagram


High resolution colour CCD camera

420 TV lines

130 degree wide angle micro lens

High intensity infra red night vision

IP66 water proof grading

6.8 G-force rating

Dimensions:  (Width) 68mmX(Height) 42mmX(Thickness) 63mm



Single wireless reversing camera kit.

kit with single wireless camera



1 x 5" monitor
1 x wireless reversing camera
1 x monitor stand/bracket
1 x switcher box
1 x AV cable
1 x remote control
1 x cig lighter
1 x wiring loom
1 x earphones
1 x Monitor cable


Single wireless reversing camera kit

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Within the UK.
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single wireless reversing camera

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