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    LawMate surveillance camera systems and counter surveillance
    technologies provide clever methods of covert and overt surveillance. 

    From button hole spy cameras to head mounted bullet cameras 
    and houshold items with built in spy cameras.

    Digital Video Recorders Digital Video Recorders
    LawMate Camera Options LawMate Camera Options
    Self Contained Cameras Self Contained Cameras
    Counter Surveillance Counter Surveillance
    Audio Recorders Audio Recorders
    LawMate Accessories LawMate Accessories
    Covert Camera Packages Covert Camera Packages
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    LawMate AC35 iPhone Charger Hidden Camera A hidden spy camera embedded in to a standa..... View Product
    LawMate AC35 iPhone Charger Hidden Camera
    LawMate CC10 Coffee Cup Camera This is the brand new LawMate PV-CC10 Cam..... View Product
    LawMate CC10 Coffee Cup Camera
    £199.94 Ex Tax: £166.62
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    PV1000 Touch 5U - 500GB HDD This is the new LawMate PV1000 Touch 5U digital video rec..... View Product
    LawMate PV1000 Touch 5U 500GB
    £624.95 Ex Tax: £520.79
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    RD10 Hidden Camera Detector by Lawmate The Lawmate RD10 is a perfect counter surveill..... View Product
    LawMate RD10 Hidden Camera Detector
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