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    Trakm8 acquired DogCamSport as part of the 2015 acquisition of DCS Systems

    Along with DogCamSport Trakm8 also acquired LawMate and RoadHawk. A further brand of Trakm8 is Trakm8prime, making telematics and vehicle tracking affordable for small businesses. 

    As market leaders in the telematics and vehicle tracking solutions sector, Trakm8 manufacture and supply solutions and products to instantly recognisable brands such as the AA, Direct Line Group, and Saint Gobain.

    Trakm8's core products stem from vehicle tracking and its variety of uses.

    So what is vehicle tracking?

    A tracking device's key role is to track your location but a byproduct of that is that you can monitor every aspect of your driving behaviour, such as speed, braking and cornering. Trakm8's tracking devices also record data on usage, indepth data on driver behaviour and also log and report on any unauthorised use of track vehicles. This information is then accessible via the Trakm8 web portal. 

    To find out more about vehicle tracking devices and a range of solutions, please visit www.trakm8.com.


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